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Activate License

Geting License key

You can purchase a Skynet license at

After purchasing a license, a receipt email containing the license key will be sent to your email address.

Please keep the license key carefully as the only way to recover it is sending us an email at

Activate License key

If Skynet Node is not already installed on your device, please follow the instructions here to install Skynet Node first.

Once the installation has completed, open a web browser and navigate to http://<your device's IP address>:10000 to activate the license.

For example:

Then enter your email address and license key to activate.


After that, a success screen will be displayed (see below). You can now open the UI of Skynet Hub and start using.


Retrieve a license from an activated device

After a license is actived, it is bound to your device. Trying to use the license on another device will cause a "License has been used" error.

To avoid that, you have to retrieve the license on the current activated device first.

Open Skynet Hub and navigate to the Devices page. Click the remove icon on the device you wish to retrieve the license from.


Then click confirm to remove it.


Now your license can be used on a new device.